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 Philippine Moringa & More Corporation

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Is a manufacturer of food and beverage products with the focus towards the health benefits of Moringa (Malunggay) and other healthy herbs and vegetables. We produce a wide variety of products that are healthy, tasty, and convenient.


Established in 2008 by visionary entrepreneur, Peter “Mr. Pete” Petisme, with the vision of bringing Malunggay to every Filipino. He introduced a brand new product line of Tea, Snacks and noodles all made with Malunggay and was quickly recognized and loved by many people.


Today, the company is ran by his children, Peter Roland Petisme (President & CEO), Marjorie P. Silva (EVP & COO), Zoraida P. Gutierrez (VP & CFO) and grandchildren, Roland Nicolo Petisme (Business Development) and John Edward Peter P. Silva serving as members of the board of directors.



•To emerge as one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of high quality, healthy, innovative and convenient food products.
•To continue to develop and customize in order to meet and deliver satisfaction to the growing needs of the consumer.
•To have a diverse workforce, treating them as partners, not just employees through empowering them to grow to their fullest potential in order to provide quality service and make lives better for everyone.



“To see every Filipino enjoying the products of Moringa & More and satisfy their desire to eat delicious and nutritious food for individual wellness.”
About Malunggay (Moringa Oleiera):
The rest of the world may just be discovering Moringa Oleifera, but Filipinos have no problem recognizing this plant and testifying to its good nutritional value. We call it "Malunggay" and we have been growing it in our backyards ever since we can remember. It's even part of the weekly menu. But what it's traditionally known for is improving the quality and quantity of breast milk in lactating mothers,which explains why itis also called "mother's best friend."
Though native in the Indian sub-continent, Malunggay (Moringa) can be found naturalized in tropics and deserts around the world. These locales have varying names for the Malunggay (Moringa) plant as well, and similarly varying traditional uses. Modern science has helped to unite and substantiate these claims, especially highlighting the lifesaving, nutritional properties of Moringa. Studies have shown that there is more to Moringa than what our tradition has handed down to us. Our ancestors were on the right track.
Giving Back..
We believe in the passion and ingenuity of our Filipino farmers, It is our advocacy to support small-scale farmers and farming communities by purchasing our core ingredients such as Malunggay, Lemongrass and others from the people that grow and nurture them.



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